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All the Ritchie Water Fountains come with a 10 Year warranty.



“Fresh Water For Life”

 Montgomery Auction Services has been selling Ritchie Waterers for almost 30 years.

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“Fresh Water For Life”

Fresh water

Trough and valve combinations are sized to provide as much water as your animals want, yet at the same time, limit the amount that sits in the trough when they are not drinking. That way, the water is fresh and clean. Ritchie’s high flow valves are available in two different sizes, depending on the size of the fountain’s trough. Valves are available in different flow capacities to accommodate different supply line pressures.

The best warranty in the industry

Want to know how strongly a company believes in its products? Just look at the warranty and see if it has any teeth in it. At Ritchie, we provide a superior fountain, so we offer a superior 10 year limited warranty program on all our poly products: five years full, followed by five years prorated. Steel products carry a 10 year, 100% warranty on stainless troughs against manufacturing defects and corrosion; one year full and nine years prorated on casing and cover. None of our competition (concrete, poly or steel) offers a warranty this strong.

Totally sealed polyethylene units

You might think we’re taking excessive pride in our workmanship, but we can’t help bragging on the fact our heavy-duty, impact resistant, polyethylene fountains are totally sealed so moisture can’t get to the insulation. Our poly is thicker than the competition. In addition, the heavy wall, roto-molded one piece construction employs UV inhibitors for extended life.

Nothing less than 304 stainless

There are cheaper grades of stainless steel out there, but you won’t find them in Ritchie fountains. Our steel troughs are made of 304 stainless—the ultimate in durability and corrosion resistance.

Designed with animal safety in mind

All of Ritchie’s stainless steel troughs have hemmed edges to make them smooth and blunt. Of course, our heavy-duty poly fountains have smooth, curved surfaces. All heated stainless steel troughs tested to United States, Canadian or European applicable standards.

*See individual units for ratings.

Heavy-duty, but not heavy

Compare a Ritchie fountain with the concrete water unit offered by the competition. Our troughs don’t pit, they’re easy to clean, they’re economical to heat and they don’t compromise the cleanliness of the water. Two people can install a Ritchie fountain, but you’ll need heavy equipment to install a concrete unit. Ritchie fountains use 75% less energy than concrete.

Smart design keeps things in working order

Our water seal design eliminates the need for gaskets that can freeze, crack and tear. No one else uses this superior sealing technology to keep cold air away from the valve, which is the heart and soul of any fountain. By protecting our high capacity valves, we’re protecting your investment.

Long, long life

Many livestock producers only buy a Ritchie fountain once every 30 years or so, but that’s because their original Ritchie fountain has served them faithfully for all 30 years! Pride in workmanship is still one of the hallmarks of the Ritchie business and we make it easy on you by building fountains you can rely on, day in and day out. Once you find the right fountain for your operation, you’ll understand why Ritchie products inspire the kind of loyalty that lasts for years.

Grade A dairy recommendations

You don’t have to search the entire Ritchie product line for a fountain that meets Grade A dairy recommendations—they all do!

Minimal energy costs

Designed with efficient energy use in mind, Ritchie fountains keep from freezing without much cost. The costs below represent an entire year’s energy costs, calculated at a rate of 8 cents per kilowatt hour. They are derived from university and Ritchie testing and have been adjusted by the degree days for each area. This illustrates the impact that poly construction has on energy usage, as well as the effect covered troughs have on energy efficiency.

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