Merrill Yard Hydrants

R-6000 & RNL-6000 Features & Benefits

R-6000 Yard Hydrants

R-6000 Series & RNL-6000 Series
Easy to Operate, High Flow Rate, No-Lead Available

Features & Benefits

The R-6000/RNL-6000 Series Yard Hydrant gives year-round water service that drains below the frost line once shut off. 

60 plus years - Proven Performer

1) Heavy Cast Iron Head with full flow design.

Benefit - Stands up to abuse and has high flow rate.

2) Draw Straps are made of 1040 high carbon hot rolled steel which is much harder (Brinell 175/200) and stronger, greatly reduces wear of straps and eliminates side pull on operating rod.

Benefit - Longest operating life.

3) Heavy Cast Iron Handle

Benefit - Easy to grip and longer life.

4) Rocker Arm and Operating Rod with Two Nuts provides simple positive adjustment and eliminates unreliable set screws used by other companies.

Benefit - Adjustable for years, not like rusting set screw.

5) Easy to Adjust stainless steel operating rod.

Benefit - Longest life - quality material

6) Packing Gland with Teflon® Packing

Benefit - Non-corrosive packing gland with longest lasting packing, a better quality packing than used by others, Teflon® a Dupont product.

7) Easy Plunger Replacement by removing packing gland and lifting out plunger thru head assembly - no need to unscrew head from riser pipe.

Benefit - Quick plunger replacement.

8) Schedule 40 Galvanized Riser Pipe

Benefit - Long lasting riser pipe.

9) 1" Valve Inlet Size

Benefit - Easy installation and better flow rate.

10) One Piece Molded Plunger with Lubricant uses double seal design to assure positive shut-off even when foreign particles are present.  Plunger positively opens drain to prevent freezing, and positively closes drain even at slow flow rates.

Benefit - Economical design that still closes drain hole before flow starts.

11) Long Life Plunger is molded with ethylene propylene material that is self-lubricating and will not bond to valve body like rubber plunger used by other companies.

Benefit - Longest operating life in one piece design.

12) Double Bypass Valve Body provides a large volume of water and the time-proven design used for over sixty years.

Benefit - High water flow with economical design.

13) Hose Thread Adapter an outlet for easy hose connection.


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