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Rugged Ranch Calf Table with Auto Headgate

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Rugged Ranch Calf Table with Auto Headgate
The Rugged Ranch calf table is a very versatile table that will accommodate calves up to 400lbs.  The table is one of the few calf tables with an automatic headgate (just like the large chutes) and the only one that has also a side exit and a drop-down kick pan.  The side exit allows not only people running calves but people running sheep or goats access to the side of the animal for vaccinating or milking.  The drop-down kick pan will give the operator easy access to their feet if you need to trim them of doctor them.  The headgate is reversible by installing it on the right-hand side or the left-hand side depending on the side you brand on.
Auto Headgate allows operator to push the calf into the calf table and catch themselves
Heavy built to handle calves up to 400 lbs+ as well as sheep and goats
Easy access drop down side pipes to gain access to the side of calves to make branding and vaccinating easier
Headgate can be mounted on either end of the table so that operator can brand on the left or right hip
Side exit for access to animals while still caught in the headgate
Drop down kickpan to gain access to the animals feet for clipping
Tips on its side to help control animal to make castrating easier
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