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Rugged Ranch 8.5ft Sheeted Alley

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Montgomery Auction Services Ltd.

Rugged Ranch 8.5’ Sheeted Alley


Fully adjustable sheeted alley keeping all outside distractions away from the animal’s view.  Easy one spot adjustability to keep cattle from turning around at any size.  Stationary side of alley has a full size double piston latch swing gate to be used to get animals out if the go down while working them or can be used as a cutout gate.  The alley also has a catwalk on the adjustable side so that you can gain access to the animals from above for easy drench location or to help push keep animals flowing down the alley smoothly.  No assembly required since these alleys are sold fully assembled.
Weighs 915 lbs
Fully Sheeted
Alley Adjust From 16”-27”
No Back Alley stop included and can be mounted on either end
Simple width adjustment from one location
Squeezes down for calves and back out for large bulls
Catwalk located on adjustable side
Drop down access gate as well as side exit gate on one side
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